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Pricing for Film Photography 

There’s something special about shooting on film. Unlike digital photography’s crisp and clear images, film photography is known and loved for its "imperfections". I love shooting on film to achieve nostalgic quality and romantic aesthetic imagery and would often recommend adding this extra to my clients' photoshoots.  

In this guide, I have film photography costs which will vary depending on the camera format, and image counts you will choose. 

I shoot both on 35mm and 120mm film formats. Below you'll find examples on both types of cameras as well the pros and cons of each medium to facilitate your choice.


Unlike digital photography, which uses SD cards capable of storing thousands of photos, every time a photographer shoots on film, they’ll need to use multiple new rolls.

35mm film 

Most general event photography is shot on this camera as is small and suitable for capturing spontaneous moments.

Prices per roll range from £9 -  £20. Each roll gives 36 images

120mm film

This camera format is recommended for portraits as it's a bigger and heavy camera. Particularly recommended if you intend to print these images.

Prices per roll range from £10-  £20. Each roll gives 10 images.

Once photographs have been taken on film, they’ll need to be developed and scanned digitally. I get my film developed at Come Through Lab, in Manchester. Development and scanning costs range from £8 - £12 per roll.

I give the option to pick how many film rolls on either / or 35mm and 120mm depending on your needs. Alternatively, I'm happy to make a choice for you depending on your budget and the shots you had in mind. 

If you have any questions please feel free to send an email to or schedule a call. Happy to answer any questions.

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